Every Business Day Brings
Opportunities and Challenges

We are here to partner with you to meet these “Challenges”.
Your production needs are met with “qualified, trainable temporary employees” and our team dedicated to your company.

“Richard’s Employment Agency has been servicing us since 2011. They supply us with a large number of temporary employees to fill positions for drivers, office personnel, customer service, parking lot attendants, security, maintenance, etc. Our experience from day one is that they deliver! They have proven to us that they can handle our demanding needs even when these requests are last minute and outside the box. They provide us with the right people for the task. Working with a local company has proven to be beneficial to us as they are vested in the business community. Their reputation was built here and they work hard to maintain it.”

– J.B., auto auction

“At first, we were skeptical about using temps, our knowledge from talking to other businesses was that typically, “temp agencies” service and temporary workers is fair. We hired Richard’s Employment Agency to provide us with a few temporary workers. On the first day of work, the temporary workers showed up on time, were pleasant and had great work ethics. We were surprised to get a visit from the president of Richard’s Employment that very same morning to ask us about our satisfaction with the service and their workers. We are pleased to say that the staff and temporary workers exceeded our expectations!”

– M.B., printing company

“Client requests with time-sensitive deadlines often create the need for short-term staffing requirements. Richard’s ability to fulfill our staffing needs with exceptional personnel has made his agency’s ability to service us second to none. I highly recommend Richard and his staff to fulfill any employment needs.”

– E.Y., printing company

“We have utilized Richard’s Employment Agency for 5+ years. They are committed to providing us with quality people to work in our warehousing environment. They take the time to inquire about the skills necessary to fill each position, and then send us the right person for the job. We continue to employ workers through Richard’s as they are attentive to our business requirements. They quickly fill our openings, are always responsive to our needs, and are located in close proximity to our facility.”

– M.D., record storage warehouse

“I am happy to recommend Richard’s Employment Agency. We have been using them for the past 11 years and have been pleased with the service that we have received. He has employees with previous experience in our field, saving us training time and stress. Working with a local company has proven to be beneficial to us as they are vested in the business community. Their reputation was built here and they work hard to maintain it.

 – G.K., mailing company

“We have had a working relationship with Richard’s Employment Agency since February of 2008. Richard’s has been our main provider of temporary labor during that period. We have used other temporary agencies and have found Richard’s to be superior to all of them in meeting our temporary staffing needs. He is very reliable and we can depend on him to meet our staffing requirements as needed, sometimes with very little notice. The employees he send us are dependable and eager to work. We highly recommend Richard’s Employment Agency for your staffing needs.”

 – S.P., printing bindery

“Prior to working with Richard’s, we had used other temp agencies and also tried to find good qualified help on our own. Most of the other agencies would just send us anyone they could find. I don’t think they even interviewed the candidate or tried to find someone that fit the position we were looking for. We often tried to find someone by placing an ad online and in the paper. We would get so many calls that it was impossible to filter through the resumes to separate the good from the bad. It took more time than I had planned and often we hired the wrong person. Richard’s takes the time to interview the individual and finds someone that is qualified for the position we are looking for. Richard’s will not just bring a warm body to fill your position. The individuals have been a good fit for the job. We have hired multiple people through Richard’s Employment. We are very happy with the individuals he brings to us. When I am looking for a new employee I will continue to call Richard. He has taken the hassle of finding good people away from me so I have more time to run my business.”

 – J.B. – building materials warehouse