Richard’s Employment Agency

Our Passion

Every business day, our passion is to exceed your staffing expectations through strategic placement of trainable qualified individuals with exceptional service!

Client Testimonials

“Richard and his office staff really care about our success. They make the extra effort to make sure we get what we need every week.”
– B.B., car auction business
“We have used a few temporary agencies in the past. When we connected with Richard and his team we finally got the service we were looking for you. Every employee is not only qualified; they are self-motivated hard workers.” 
– J.B., building materials warehouse
Staffing companies constantly call and stop by to get my business. I’ve been telling them for the last 10 years that Richard and his team get the job done and do it well….”
– G.K., mailing company

It’s the  EXTRA EFFORT we make every business day to get you . . .


Richard's Employment

“A company is the people. They either make this company exceptional or average.”
— Richard Branson, billionaire entrepreneur
“The single most important thing you need to do is pick the right people and keep them.
There is NOTHING more important than this.”
— Jim Collins, management guru, author